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We believe GOD loves YOU and has designed you to live out your God-given destiny through a relationship with Him!


This relationship is made possible by the GREATEST ACT OF LOVE IN HISTORY.  God's son, our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, gave up his life for you, taking upon himself your sins, that separated you from God.  By faith in Jesus, you can be reconnected with your Heavenly Father, whose love for you has no end!


We are passionate about God & the five-fold mandate He has given us!



1. To free lives from sin, lies, sickness, fear, and bondage through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the Cross.


2. To understand and experience the Scandalous Love and Goodness of God, becoming passionate lovers and worshipers of God.


3. To help believers of all ages and backgrounds discover their Identity in Christ.


4. To extend the Kingdom of Heaven in the earth as God's sons and daughters; seeing salvations, healings, miracles, deliverance, reconciliation, restoration, and transformation in lives, families, and communities. 


5. To facilitate unity among believers in Christ.


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